Tutoring starts at $20/hour Patreon Members $99/mo (Unlimited Sessions)

Online tutoring allows your busy student to attend sessions anywhere, anytime, while tailored to fit his or her learning style.

All Subjects – Unlimited Sessions

We offer on-demand tutoring for all subject matters for everyone and all of their learning goals. We offer unlimited sessions in a monthly package for Patreon members. We can help you feel prepared and confident on test day. We assist with college admissions test, such as the SAT and ACT, standardized tests, university exams, and more.


Interactive features and video chat make collaborating so easy, it will feel like you are in the same room. Sessions are recorded with access given to students/parents for review. Students will have access to 24/7 instant messenger support. Students are able to upload photos of homework questions and receive a response outside of sessions.

Individual Attention

We provide one-on-one instruction with a tutor and create a custom plans for every student. We focus on weak spots and enhance strengths to maximize students score and potential. We create a customized test strategy plans tailored for the needs of each student. Tutors are virtual and are available by phone and internet (an In-Person tutor may also be available upon request). The tutoring service is completely mobile and safe.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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The tutoring service was designed with students in mind. We put education to the forefront. We will help you find the right person to meet your goals, no matter where you live or what you want to learn. We listen to and understand individual needs in order to match students with tutors that are an ideal fit. We want our students to feel like they are getting a virtual buddy. We are more than just about credentials and achievements like some other tutors. We deliver the best quality education and experience. All tutors are college educated and have received extensive training. The tutor is always with them, every step of the way. The virtual buddy system allows the student to stay in contact with the tutor outside of the session. Students can upload a question or homework assignments and receive a response as soon as 30 minutes. Students may find additional helpful information about academics and careers by subscribing and listening to our podcast.

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