This Week at Interior

An overhead view of an oil slick across the ocean.|This Week: Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement is part of the response to the Southern California oil spill; Secretary Haaland takes part in listening sessions as Interior continues to mark Hispanic Heritage Month; Interior announces $348 million for 62 projects in the Lake TahoeContinue reading “This Week at Interior”

The Green Scientist and God

I honestly don’t think anyone can see me, I Can’t even see myself, but I know I have a voice, but it just get tuned the duck out, so back to the matrix, because we don’t do that fake shit, but I really did what I said, but I don’t have much patience, but there’s a good reason it stay the fuck over there, and nothing has changed, but they don’t have a voice at all, and I don’t think anyone cared, because I don’t, only the unconditional one matters to me, but even that is to gracious to say, because I never loss a fight. But I almost lost an arm, but apparently that wasn’t enough, because the next limb won’t be mine, so test me, I don’t flinch, but now you see why, you see who is around me, because I don’t see anything, so you think someone loved me? Not a single tear, and I softened up after the children, but the bipolar one is raging people off the road, and now you see why, maybe that’s why they hurt so bad, because I just Party with Bad Bitches…
While they get on their knees, Cuban!