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Okay here we go. We promised transparency. We promised innovative ideas. So here is your cheat code. Our Funding Information.

We made it our mission to inspire students in science with technology.

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A contribution to us is a contribution to the next generation of life. We are passionate about scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical areas that support and sustain life on Earth. Our mission is to inspire students with science and technology while offering affordable options to educational services. We strive to add support to the economic, educational, and social well-being of families, children, and communities without needlessly harming the environment in the process. We are an online business. We are also individuals. We are not a non-profit organization but offer limited funding and awareness to some with similar objectives. We work together with everyone, and use our online chat services to build a bond with our members (customers). We host a blog about nature, the environment, and post helpful educational guides that our members love to read. We offer technologically convenient services (such as tutoring), discounted products, research and counseling services, and limited need-based solutions that could enhance the life of affected communities. We focus on supplementing education as it goes hand in hand with helping alleviate some of the barriers within the education system. Support nature or learn something new with Nature’s Uprise. Anyone that supports the Nature’s Uprise Project is more than welcome to donate to our Paypal. Feel free to our discussions on our Facebook Group. We will add more to this page as people ask questions. 

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Where Is The Money Going?

The money in short is for startup cost primarily. Most of the services, if not all, will be online. The only thing we need is a working computer, internet, and electricity. Selling plants and aquatic animals passively helps maintain operation. Tutoring is offered as a monthly fee service and at an hourly rate. We don’t need to advertise, we can let social media do the talking for us. We hope people will sign up for our group chat so we can interact with them closer. We earn money through web sight traffic, affiliate programs, and advertisements. That takes care of the upfront fees it cost to keep a website. We want to start small so that we can obtain the necessary customer research data for improving the services. We post updates to our blog and post on Instagram to show off our products. This is our substitute for advertising. We would also create a member-driven online store to have more accessibility to the items that matter to them. This also allows our designers, innovators, business members to have more flexibility and less risky limitations. We will be selling T-shirts and other miscellaneous items representing our brand. We will cut back on shipping labor and printing by designing the clothes on T-spring. T-spring automatically collects payments and ships to the customers. Whereas on Etsy and eBay they charge a fee for posting a listing and you have to pay for shipping and materials. I’d like to have to store operating completely on its own eventually. Our orders are so popular and in demand that the labor becomes intense. Found out UPS recently released its shipping fulfillment program, perhaps this will cut back on labor some. When we sell on eBay we most likely are donating a portion of the sales to charity. eBay also charges based on your sales, cheaper rate if supporting charities. Trying to remain competitive with others’ prices but cover the cost of fees and shipping (while advertising free shipping) can put us in a bind. We have the lowest prices, free shipping, what more could a customer ask for? Oh, I forgot, sometimes they do request a heat pack for their aquatic animals. Each plant sale makes us about $1-$5 of profit. And when we run out of it in our nursery we must get it from someone else’s nursery. This can be painful as the prices are unpredictable and plants are sold based on their season. Most of our plants are now grown outside, I’m surprised they have been able to survive the AZ heat. We created a blog to help with monetization and SEO. We are listed in several directories so we have leads on new students. We charge $20/hr for tutoring, which is a competitive price. I’ve seen tutors/teachers charging $80/hr just based on their credentials and education level. I can also share and exchange students to a different tutor if needed. Often you’ll see us give away free sessions, you scratch our back, and we scratch yours. One way is to join my email list or post a tweet on Twitter from us. This helps us get more people in group chat. We will use this chat to communicate with our customers casually. Asking the community questions about what they like about Nature’s Uprise or opinions on merchandise. We will be posting updates on our podcasts, which will also help us generate money. We have a paid newsletter and will generate members-only content for our website. We created a Patreon for more customizable services, for example, we have a package for $3, up to $99 for unlimited tutoring sessions. We created gift cards for tutoring for more flexible payment options. Last but not least, we will be posting on YouTube and Spotify to work our way up to earning money per video. We will accept sponsors only if they align with the company and its mission. We accept donations for those that want to tip/thank the tutor or company, although we prefer the customer to buy something in our online store. A lot of the online money income strategies take time to build up, so we created a group chat, to retain our customers. By building our email list and customer chat interactions, it shouldn’t be hard to find people that will purchase from our store and build website traffic. It cost us about $300 per year for WordPress, which is where our website is designed, but we host through google suites, which is about $20/month. We are hoping to get a few sponsors by posting reviews of their items on YouTube, our podcast, and the blog. Right now we are handling the shipping for our plants on Etsy and eBay. We were thinking about signing up with UPS delivery, that way they can ship the plants on our behalf. Of course, this service costs money, which the online revenue is not enough to cover. The online store should bring in enough revenue to cover it though. What else can we add? Send us a message with any suggestions. There are so many ways to make online income, we would love to introduce new things. We will be taking classes on Udemy for those who prefer offline learning or have a busy schedule. We will be advertising on social media but not using the ads. Maybe every once in a while I’ll post an ad if I need more people, otherwise, I’ll just advertise to those in the group chat. We just need 1,000 subscribers, then we can start selling our merchandise on video. Anywhere we can sell our brand, we will sell it. The more people see us the better. Once I produce enough content perhaps we can post an ad, whatever it takes to get to 1,000. I’m hoping the podcast will be a hit. Otherwise, we would have to start cutting down trees and making flyers and business cards. We will even make it out of recycled paper. I will be contacting the school district asking to get on their list like the online directories. 

 Most of the services are available online and support all device formats. We even have a renewable energy design in place. We are working on putting the computer, electronics, and fish tank on a solar-powered brick. That should take care of some of the electricity cost. The intricate technical details matter to our members, so a portion also goes into additional research. We will be conducting interviews on Podcasts with many different professionals and will test their brains with a quiz. We want education to be fun. We support the environment instead, through increasing distributions of plant seeds, air-purifying plants, various aquatic plants. We allow the members to direct their future. And there’s a lot of value in being a member because they can interact with us directly in chat. 

We may accept and offer donated and recycled items periodically as it would allow us to provide additional resources to those without access without contributing to the environment trash pile up. We recycle all of our trash, not only do we generate income from it, but we are protecting our environment. We are not a non-profit. We recommend that you contact the campaign manager of non-profit organization directly if you want to work with them directly. We are trying to boost our GoFundMe, but we don’t have a hardship. We are just looking for money in all avenues. We are going to need a business computer and phone. We love our Apple computers as you can run both windows and Mac at the same time. The good part about Mac is that it’s durable, fast, and enhances the creative spirit with the beautiful display. The bad part is that the computer will be $2000. Perhaps someone could sponsor us. We want to avoid taking out loans. I don’t mind creating reviews for $10000+ or hosting ads on my videos. We could also utilize Instagram influencers to direct traffic to our YouTube or website. They already have a ton of followers, and a shout out could give us a real boost in sales and customer feedback. We need to grow our supporters more, especially the paying supporters (Donors and Patreon). Having a live audience will be extremely important for obtaining the likes and dislikes about our services. Having good service reviews bring in more customers and makes it more likely they will spend a dollar on you. Trying to find the balance between quick service and good service. Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities, plus I don’t want to have to process a return or exchange. Both of which will cost me money. I try to avoid it if at all possible. With UPS sending the fulfillments, we should be less tired from all the packaging. Once I start doing well, people flood my store with orders, once I get too many orders I raise the prices to slow down the sales. People still buy at high prices because of the good reviews I have. I wrote a book, an eBook, so that I have some digital content to sell. I’m going to sell more digital content in the future, it’s free to make and the customers get instant delivery to their email. Except that I forgot that people hardly read books anymore. So my book sales are really low. There isn’t many options for advertising a book from what I can tell, I should have gotten a publisher, maybe if I write another one I will. I just had the book for so long, I just wanted to complete my accomplishment. Some items listed in the store are affiliate marketing items, when the customer buys it through Amazon, I get a percentage of the sale. This is great because it helps us stay “in stock”, Amazon handles the delivery, and we can add more items to the shop. All items in the shop are worth $50 or less, you should be able find and like at least one thing. Eventually the shop will have everything needed in the plant and fish hobbies. Buy what you were going to buy anyway but supporting us in the process. Eventually I’d like to have discussions about products in the group chat. I’m a perfectionist, I update something on the website everyday. I do a lot of research about businesses and I follow their footsteps. That’s why I go back and fourth with editing. There’s always something wrong or missing. Everyone else thinks the website is great, I’ve gotten very minimal feedback though. I used to make websites with pure html in Dreamweaver, WordPress is convenient but limited. Things are much more simple and organized. I try to post and do podcast once a week, maybe when my audience grows I’ll post more often. They say it takes a year for a blog to start monetizing. Almost every website has a blog, now it’s my turn. I’m hoping the podcast gets us a little buzz, as some of the people have a big following and can get the word out to more people, real people, not robots.

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