10 Skills Needed For Most Powerful Online Business…

Skill One: Writing Writing? Blogging? Web Design? Propaganda? Documentation? Books? Language? Poetry? Lyrics? Names? SEO? Policies? Oaths? Movies? Bureaucracy? Plagiarism? Branding? Explanation? Subjectiveness? Laws? Conversation? Websites and Social Media? Feedback? Complaint? Resume? Essay? Debate? Arguments? Bibles? Look at all the things that require writing. And now you can get paid to write… it’s just aContinue reading “10 Skills Needed For Most Powerful Online Business…”

The Green Scientist and God

I honestly don’t think anyone can see me, I Can’t even see myself, but I know I have a voice, but it just get tuned the duck out, so back to the matrix, because we don’t do that fake shit, but I really did what I said, but I don’t have much patience, but there’s a good reason it stay the fuck over there, and nothing has changed, but they don’t have a voice at all, and I don’t think anyone cared, because I don’t, only the unconditional one matters to me, but even that is to gracious to say, because I never loss a fight. But I almost lost an arm, but apparently that wasn’t enough, because the next limb won’t be mine, so test me, I don’t flinch, but now you see why, you see who is around me, because I don’t see anything, so you think someone loved me? Not a single tear, and I softened up after the children, but the bipolar one is raging people off the road, and now you see why, maybe that’s why they hurt so bad, because I just Party with Bad Bitches…
While they get on their knees, Cuban!

Nature’s Uprising Benefits of England Woodland Creation and the Forestry Commission

Nature’s Uprising Benefits of England Woodland Creation and the Forestry Commission