Introducing Halochondrin from Sea Sponges into Research of Cancer Cure

What is The Green Team Mission and Why Sustainability Matters?

Enter the matrix, The mind of a business owner vs an innovative content creator. Has anyone ever known why content creators link, network, and grow together whereas large corporations compete with one another wasting finite resources, millions of dollars a year just to harass the public but they don’t realize that Facebook and many social networking sites have incorporated an algorithm for shutting down your presence? You can have 5,000 friends plus a business page and not a single person reply or see your post. So when you did get ripped off by $200/post to expose the Monetization of your blog. Yes guys that’s the keyword. Don’t get scammed into believing SEO, it’s all about your keywords, relevancy, date entered the web, and relationship-building skills.

And a side note, what does ranking number one on google mean to you? Because people are already conditioned to ignore the ads at the top… Oh wait they paid to be at the top, is that SEO, oh no!

-The Green Scientist

The History of Inclusiveness?

Ok, so you’re just going to have to take my word for this because I’m not a certified rat. Many employers have a huge misunderstanding of the labor laws and usually wait for a notice in writing before taking action. They are afraid of increases in tax and legal matters and EEOC. 

The second thing is since when has it ever been inclusive?  It’s because they fell into the matrix of the money game! They just weren’t green enough. Most of them will just randomly let you go because they aren’t able to maintain enough sales to match their expenses. You’ll notice that every one human has some sort of connection with the environment and the plants around them. It is what determines how they experience the world. No matter how much trauma we experience in our lives it is important that we increase our mindfulness in being able to get along with one another despite our jealous tendencies and the likelihood of having sex with one another. That’s the only time when looks become important. Just for determining sex. It shouldn’t make a difference what a person looks like, they all deserve equal treatment. But equality is something that is primarily experienced when in isolation. Inclusiveness to me seems like a marketing scheme. Just like black lives matter and being charitable. A Lot of companies are so focused on money they end up using their creativity to explore more manipulative tactics.

How to be Sustainable?

Sustainability is essentially related to survival. Taking actions that lead to survival is essentially sustainability. I just had to clarify that to a certain blogger. Although they do have a point, it is something that is overused. But it’s because as a business you have to monitor trending hashtags and key terms and use them as a free publicity stunt. Like “riding someone else’s wave”, is what they call it.

Tips and Reminders for Sustainability

  • Just do it! It may not be helping you directly but it’s still better to take action that could possibly lead to sustaining someone else’s livelihood.
  • It’s not always just about growing plants
  • You also need food and socialization to survive as well
  • It is subjective and may vary depending on the individual.

Analyzing Sustainability

So if you are doing an activity to contribute towards the environment, then you are helping the environment with sustainability. Don’t let anyone that’s not helping the environment tell you otherwise. Any attempt at contributing is a lot better than just sitting being a screen and talking. Anyone can do that, look at how they contribute to society.


So that’s all I wanted to say. I just wanted to get this post over with and release it to address such a disappointing blog post from a potential favorite blogger. But I guess everyone is entitled to their own perspectives and opinions.

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