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Who is Sustainably Run?

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Sustainably Run is Nature’s Uprise Green Team Partner
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A little about Sustainably Run… They Are Officially On The Green Team

Sustainably Run is one of our partners in case you did not read about us, which makes them an official member of the Green Team which some info can be found if you grow with us.

They help turn day-to-day business activities into a force for good through planting life-changing fruit trees.

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Utilizing beautifully simple tech they help Nature’s Uprise offset the carbon footprint of human and organization activities and turn it into food, income, and education in the developing world.

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What about these Sustainably Run Restaurants?

Do we know there is a Green Chef out there? It could be just me. Because Everyone loves my cooking, but I have a very crucial judgment so that’s probably why I use organic products and focus on the flavor pallets and using fresh ingredients with the right materials, I’m talking about Cast Iron Pots and Ceramic Knives, but if you own a restaurant… maybe you can get feedback by giving free food “samples” to the homeless? #FreeFoodFriday or #FeedForFeedback and be even more sustainable.

Grow With Us On Youtube
Grow With Us On Youtube

10 Skills Needed For Most Powerful Online Business…

This is what kills off societies or gives perspectives.. fear.. jobs.. money… power.. choice… harassed… everyone in your business..

Skill One: Writing

Writing? Blogging? Web Design? Propaganda? Documentation? Books? Language? Poetry? Lyrics? Names? SEO? Policies? Oaths? Movies? Bureaucracy? Plagiarism? Branding? Explanation? Subjectiveness? Laws? Conversation? Websites and Social Media? Feedback? Complaint? Resume? Essay? Debate? Arguments? Bibles?

Look at all the things that require writing.

And now you can get paid to write… it’s just a really hard process, because you control everything when you write ✍️…Because without words there would be no websites, communication, or understandings, but also no documentation. Writing controls the content, perspective, and the level of subjectiveness of the text.

Is he helping you grow in the right direction?
Business Growth
But who believed god was real? Even if it was the Earth that keeps you alive?
Now I have a lot more writing to do, but can we write together? I can streamline the writing Process too?
Writing that couldn’t be more complex and all over communication..

The Green Scientist and God

A creative creator

Jamal Muwwakkil
The Green Scientist Says What if God Was The Earth?

I wonder if you can read more than two sentences…

Date of Birth: Flag Day: 06/14/93
Check Out What Congress Has In Store Today! Opinion?
About me?

Members Don’t Receive Ads, But Visitors Are Not Supporting/Paying… Or Are They…. That is the Question?


It keeps you breathing right? Everywhere you go? Even if your too stupid to manage on your own… becausethat’s what I thought… and so it keeps you warm too, goldy lox zone, but I’m sorry honey, those plants won’t prevent that big woosh from happening...

Finesse and Trap!✍️😇🌱
Obviously they don’t feel comfortable with you❤️‍🔥
The Trap Stilleto

Is that Rah the Dragon or what? Texas?

Ice who out? Queen of what?

Who Knows? I don’t see anything scary…
That’s a moon? Hope it was worth it…

Oh no we gotta wait 🔥🇨🇺🐣
Silly Watch! So Predictable, Machine Learning? 🦄🧠🫀🫁😺

But I guess they think there’s a competition over here..

You see my veins? This is before Superman…

Sometimes I just wonder…. Stealing from me.. but hurting more than me… but paying me?

I mean we do have way more heat… idk why you want it so bad… oh but your hiding, or I just decided not to track… because I did track and cross country too, and had a few personal trainers… I told you they don’t have a choice, so I’m eating and not wasting my time…
This is my Podcast? ….
Geolocation? Or Giovani?

Anyone want feedback? 😈

Feed for Feedback? Never that!

I guess Siri thinks I’m too fast, she can do business too maybe we should…

I know them though, but this is not the first time… please listen this time…woman with voices… right… 👹

I’m not sure who said they produce Oxygen, because you need air, and even that is not in the ocean because it’s too dark… no light.. no plant… but then… I tested it and the plants were breathing too, and so everything just jumped right the fuck out of the fish tank… on the floor… until I added more Air… not Oxygen. And so yes, there is some in the Ocean, but so is Bacteria… and so you breathe, even after global warming burns the others out of existence… Gaia?

What if the representation within Nature produces the gods within your 2,000 years of circles and burning all the libraries but discovering the ocean… and then so you continue to repeat because you never read my Stories…

The beginning of the Story

So when shit hits the fan, and we don’t argue but accept other opinions and perspectives… and we all get along…. You got so many more catastrophes that the Green Scientist just stayed in the dungeon, like Jesus… and didn’t give a fuck, because even if I said free money too fast… you’d be fucked because you moved too fast… because you didn’t need the money, it just added management and responsibility, and freedom cannot be managed, and then what do you need the money for… because Nature can Uprise a free solution to the thing you want, might even be a phone call or friend of a friend…. But then electricity is more important than money… and you let that be a Monopoly, but before you immediately attack and off the lights, get lost because the homeless can’t charge their phones because you guys are so fake, don’t care about people so the life support went off too… we may have another issue because you are about to get another devastation when those ignorant fuckers dropship and no one can move in traffic. After all, all the abandoned cars from the loss of oil… the giant rock or asteroid might just crush us all… 2031? But you want to terraform some shit because you don’t care about God, or the Earth… because you literally cannot survive anywhere else because the gravity just could not match, and the frozen water may have always been frozen… and the aliens that you… trust me… if you can’t handle my stories… or bugs.. or fungi that transform bugs…you will not like that alien… because it dropped the internet off… and you added the Manipulation in that, now you see… so all this cybersecurity bullshit, sounds like what he fuck do you have to hide, pictures? Numbers? Stupid annoying messages? Because we are getting two steps fuck you when the phones go off… homeless but no solar power charging stations or rentables battery packs, but… we charge our cars by driving not solar… so we complain about taxes… and then tax deduct all the taxes, then say we pretend to care but kick the homeless out service… just pray you can prosecute a bot, because we can manage our business with Siri, enter your homes, and they already have a recorder on the internet, recording the screen, live, so no security, stop hiding, accept your bullshit pixels because no one cares and the gamers left you alone 10 years ago…but you play games… because we charge for air… collecting fresh rain water is illegal, and now the Writer, gave you limited perspectives and propaganda instead of facts all the time…because I still haven’t told you about my Security Team… they may not have expenses or employees, just one website, and boom a million dollars… but we play games here too… so duck who? “Now go get me my fucking money”… that’s in the SmartMusic too? Michael Jackson knows my name… Hookah Honey… got a stack for who? That Bitch Better have my money! Because this might be a stickup! And you need your phone because… you’ll get lost… especially since I was Android 26, at age 26, but now I’m retired… so get back to work. The Queen needed slaves because she was lazy, not because she was racist… but I don’t get 8 years to outdo, 2,000 years because you can go back there too, and the Students will get to work… and you can…. Not enjoy the VR Experience anything and be anywhere project, because we can unplug the internet too… or we can automate the money with bots, the fake credit money too, the crytobullshit because they still don’t want to pay taxes, because taxes support the people, but they are just Red Vs Blue… but you need both perspectives in the argument… otherwise you are just ignorant and arguing about opinions when we can have both… because I’m not 40 yet…. But neither are you

And it’s a lot of words isn’t it?

And so did you come to the blog of Science to read? Or to just look at pics/ads all day? Maybe even some diddy bop? We have a Tumblr you know.. so Tumble over there, be impactful, have a voice, and you can engage?

View The Start Of The Process
But I kinda feel like maybe it should it have started here….
I’m Sure Texas Can Speak on it, But those horses in the forest… backyard.. with the lake…. Run Up… Haitians.. 😈
In your Birthday Suite… I bet the cops were enjoying that one.. in my car.. Because idk way that was… not designer… but gays love that🍆

But who knows? Options? 74k views on a more educated version of that statement, because we can’t direct someone without a voice, impact, or feedback, because that could also be a Google Review, but we think we have a Pinterest View on that available.

Apple And Google did it! But they only own my name… not my body… so a trademark… but I changed my name… so I didn’t need a social either… but I don’t need employees or expenses either… So I give money to the Students and Sustainability, and Resources, and Health Sustaining Research… with no money… didn’t care about a tax refund, because they can have all that shit, because it’s paying your debt, and your homeless people… but… the Boss of all Bosses said, I don’t have to fucking work because everything is free, and I can whisper some shit and get my toys a lot faster… so who did I miss? Who got left us? Everyone is welcomed and included? Who is still so ignorant that we still attacked because I thought Education being easier brought harmony not a secret plan or promise that got renigged, free labor, managed freedom, and who died? I heard those fucking sirens again… because who looked at the firefighters… superheroes…. Keys to everything… can IP spoof the police out of getting out the car, because they can get paid to just sit in the car… but they didn’t love their family apparently… but who is going to live me if I don’t because I don’t think anyone could unless it were my child, that unconditional shit… so umm… I’m not even that powerful yet, but I do have a lot of shooters… but no fucking gun.. but what happens at 6 stars? Because they are kinda in my phone book and my fantasy trap too… I’m not even that smart… just creative… duh!

Because when I proved that your Queen of Rap was just someone that knew her in 2005, maybe she kinda was leaning in the acting category, but maybe some voodoo happened, maybe some MySpace, and maybe she got Tequila’d the fuck up! And like maybe she got in a car and broke down somewhere, idk, I suppose she wasn’t going to go anywhere with that voice, but then voodoo happened, and someone just ignored her because of the stripper lollipop 🍭 shit, and maybe Lil Wayne and the My Chick Got Bad… but then got loop looped into the projection of imagery for acting because until maybe some more stripper shit happened. But then the ass and anger, just one of the dudes became a thing, because it is still a male industry, and just go back to Sexual Education…. Okay so then she became the Whatever I’m so Conceited that Ishit someone and went to jail, but luckily that was not her direction… but then she got so bad that just got right back in my section… and then the energy and power became a source of education for me… because…. If you knew what I studied… it was how to be so powerful that I control everything, even if I had to add some Flags in the mix, and then when fell the fuck off the face of earth… because that’s what I do Like I was born famous, always popular, I wouldn’t say te coolest in school because I did both te nerd thing and the sports thing, because I got that Superman, that’s why I am the Green Scientist, but I didn’t start to feel anything emotionally for a person until I raised children… because I had fun doing it, something about that unconditional love, and that everything they do, even worse, is predictable, and most of the time they are going to learn from the experience without involvement, but if I did get involved, I see a restriction being a solution, not a beating. There’s no education or understanding in beating, just confusion, maybe lingering hatred. But nothing any other grown adult would do, so I never trust them, but I always trust children, because I do notice the smirk or the gags, or the routine, so then the takeaway process begins, because they will not find it. And so we speed up time and got lost in space, when my husband got psychic powers but then didn’t understand the message behind the wifi password… because then the Queen has arrived, and she needed access, but she just went to the top of my SmartMusic Playlist.. got all up in my lane… cut something up.. chopped something up… but she knew I would crown her because now… I see… Beat the chest… Monkey… and students on all you broke people in a plane… then got some military, because I think she was struggling to move her car anyways… and the Quality Questions Queen just made sure… She got everything she wanted because she introduced me to an educational take on music, and now, I can see who writes and who gets my ghostwrite Caper, or the Devil’s Manuscript, because if only you knew, I mainly focused on the psychology within the writing, and now I see the writer, with only just the words… and she got blocked after you threw her in my face after she got everything she wanted, by way of the Queen…. Trust me, you almost went south for the winter, and now she can “retire”, but then she said, Bianca… And now I got a whole lot of money for the child… and the other ones too, the students, because anyone can be a student. But as you learned, she cannot compare to me, because I can Siren, Hypnosis, NeuroScience, and I didn’t document the rap because she would cry, but then she never responded to her email… because I wanted to play chess… but I got like 80,000 emails unread and don’t start me on the lack of engagement of social harassment for no money for 7 hours… because I will add money to that task too… but now you have Monopoly… but do I have you?

Be careful… my followers.. they might be shooters… but I would never send them to attack…


Okay So Until Everything Gets Straightened Out in Society, I am putting all Facebook Services: Facebook, Business Suite, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp on Pause. I just removed those apps entirely because I had too much to manage anyways, but most of the engagement and money on those services was just wasting my time anyways. And you already know how I feel about free labor, demonetization, censorship, bots, and those people that keep harassing me trying to video chat all the time and asking for pics but never having money. Facebook was just not a good platform but I may return. But If you could only see how busy my day was… you’d be like… I never want to run a business or monetize on social media, but it’s still there in case you want to like our profile, it would take way too long to monetize it anyways, I never got an employee or intern, and the group never grew. I am a little sad about Instagram though, but that’s okay, I was duplicating the work anyways. I’m actually like doing the work like 6 times… that’s why content is so slow to produce… but I’ll give you potential online business people a hint, social media Monetization is driving traffic to who’s a website? Therefore who is getting the free labor and traffic? Exactly…. You always want to drive the traffic to your website, not someone else because that’s how you get the free money… and I will be giving out guides to generate money online, but for now, we have access to our exclusive newsletter, The Paper Maker, it is $5/month, and we are looking for additional writers and bloggers and models and photography and partners to promote. But it will be updated quite a bit over time, but there are going to be some free access opportunities as well, it just depends on the platform.

I hope that you are an adult, and can take a joke, or have tough skin because I am the meanest one!!! Lol 😂 I will be writing stupid stuff throughout the process, or may even just throw it on the podcast. Which I never have time to follow the script, might accidentally cuss, will probably complain, but overall I will eventually promote it, and very soon because now that I freed up some task and calendar space, I definitely need to start those Discussions and basically what I’m doing is bogging but in audio, some are transcriptions of the post, but just like you probably don’t want to read all this crap. I don’t want to spend too much time writing and editing these posts, so expect some unfinished content or ever-changing ones, but I can pump out a voice message much easier, I just can’t follow a script very well lol. But I do have a Podcast Playbook Available to Members and Patrons.

I like to ramble, because I’m old, but I age slower than you, how? I’m definitely human, I bleed… I drink water daily… but only need food for energy.. at least every 4 days… but robots need electricity… do I pay electricity or hire an employeethat is the question.. I’m not even on payroll… I’m retired… let’s learn a lesson… or ignore it.

No one wants to work… or teamwork.. so every society has slaves.. there.. now lazy person can be lazy because they just want stuff handed to them… like a Queen… But could God just be the Earth… It keeps you breathing… the plants won’t even do that.. they breath too… and have you seen how many plants are in the ocean? There’s no light… still breathing in the ocean… I guess plants must not be a solution then… how about Bacteria!!! That produces air!!! The planet just keeps you alive… with light… goldy locks zone… but you can’t even turn your trash into money… but I can… Recycle… Reuse… Sell.. Compost.. All up in there… but you can’t hide your trash… but you can burn it! Even Plastic can melt! But I’m just exploring Google Earth…

The Plant that helps identify Plants and help you care for them, because they are breathing too. But they give solutions not problems…

Okay, so I wanted to focus on students because that is my audience and motivation because they kinda work hard, a lot of it is not documented, and then some of it could be documented, but how do they know what is important. I had no idea that I could have like stopped at middle school and made more money but someone created a system in education. Maybe it’s the educational system. Because I will continue to question the empty room of United Nations, but before I get there and why they canceled my History Day LA judge opportunity for COVID, but ultimately watch people with money do weird stuff like, eliminate customers, because I sent my money to the people that were like trying to find cures to save lives… Because I knew at the end of the day, Health and Education were sorts of a priority for any civilization to not have a Black Plague situation, but I don’t know what happened with that either because I have a lot of questions about the lack of documentation of reliable historical events, because I did see a thing, where maybe something wanted to look good, as they should, but sometimes looking good is not as valuable as honesty. Because making a society that values entertainment and sex and drugs… probably didn’t get anything close to freedom like everyone in existence wanted. I see that being a writer’s problem. Because without writing, there are just numbers, and without numbers, there’s just no documentation. Because opinions and perspectives could be an endless red vs blue thing. On The Boss Man’s Birthday….

What? Flag Day? Google.. oh I’m not… Privacy.. Freedom.
The Patriot! The Jeep! The car with no problems! Just all the things! Just a Start!
Mindful Times 4 Growth Tips

Okay, so I was always a nerd first and foremost. So every experience was somehow an opportunity to either learn something or practice something. Because whoever wants to take credit or run from the credit on how I became this. Was I learning too fast? Because idk how to turn it off. I’ve experienced different parts of education, but education didn’t teach me that much, to begin with. I knew that I wanted to have choices from birth, but my birth wasn’t a choice, even if I did outswim all the other sperm things. Because I was happy sleeping, where I didn’t have needs, judgment, chaos, or like anything to prove because I never asked to be born. But someone said, Bloop! And then I lost access to the stomach that provided all my needs and security… but now I have to walk the Earth. Which is way too big but someone wanted freedom or money. I can’t figure out which one it was. Because as I observed and listened, which I joke around with but you’d be surprised that listening is something that handicaps a lot of people. Because It’s been 2,000 years. And no one has figured it out yet? Okay so there are all these flags, representing freedom, but no freedom, because we are not free to choose our parents, DNA, culture, government, career… but The Green Scientists would like to argue… that’s what we do all day. argue.. about opinions, perspectives, experiences. Because I don’t see an argument, even if it was Red VS Blue.

You could see all the pics… and text me too.. but that would eliminate a barrier in communication…

I was sort of like okay. There’s a problem if there is a Scientist behind the scenes making all the boom happening… because every movie and story has one in the background that gets discovered because they thought showing people the discovery of fire would produce light, warmth, or cooked food… because we have a fire department, so the fire just burned stuff. Burned homes, animals, trees, information, libraries, witches, weed, tobacco… but it wasn’t hot enough so we made it turn blue and added some torches and butane… but ok, some mean person created a fire that couldn’t be extinguished by water, and then it got lost in history, thankfully because rediscovering that sounds like, planetary devastation, global warming. Because the humans were having trouble with hunting and gathering. So the fire was a no-go, but then I said let me write for money. Portray my ideas. Because the writer doesn’t have a face, age, location, or any shortcut assumptions. I could have been the writer. But someone wrote before me. But I learned how to communicate effectively by writing. Because everything that touches money and the internet… which I said was a thing, but it was created by someone else, but I just knew the paper was going to age… photos were aging… information was accessible.. resources too… even if the internet went off.. the computer offline server did the function I needed. Save. Search. Create. But somehow they made computer lab a thing, but the education department, librarians included, just saw evil within the internet and the introduction of Google, because probably they were relating it to the marketing box of propaganda that has everyone inaccurate info. But it’s hard to deliver information… quickly… effectively… accurately… unbiased… but maybe they did want a fair judge. Because I never questioned the fairness of the judge.. just the performance to get the decision. Because once the internet became my thing… and it did… because I just needed to type or whisper in the right direction and action will be taken. But then someone wanted money. And brought bloggers… no blogging is not money… advertising, yea that’s money. But money was a responsibility too. Even if it was a discovery of oh.. no change for food stamps? Because even a child could end up secretly managing money.. and food stamps.. because someone has to go to work. You can’t just own things and have a whole operation because you’re giving up freedom too. So when an operation goes under, and diabolical money scheme is like documented on the internet. Okay, this is my favorite part. Because I wrote stories for the researchers to get some perspectives, but maybe their perspectives were the only perspectives they wanted…https://link.medium.com/qFdlty7nHjb

Idk Wrappers Kill off The Environment Too

But I have to remind people they are stories and perspectives from realistic ideas and events discussed by real people. So if freedom of speech becomes a problem, my childhood was like, shut up the adults are talking, stay out of grown folks business, but it kinda is my business but I don’t argue with ignorance because it can’t even help me with my homework, so I gotta do that one myself too. Because they could have been chasing spirits their whole life, and calling animals monsters and stuff, but dying in their trash and waste, because we never properly eliminate stuff, there’s like a whole cleaner and profession on finding the stuff they didn’t clean right. Because if they could lie to me, a child, Santa Claus, they could probably lie to their husband or baby sugar daddy for child support or like lie to parents to get out of trouble, or like the judge.. but the court system was never about honesty though, because then it wouldn’t take a year to get a decision. But there are so many folk tales prior civilizations have written that have poetry in them. When I talk English, with too many words, I get stupidity now instead of some English Teacher discovering god. Because the internet solves plagiarism. Even though I kinda am a walking lie detector but that also depends on the education level. Because education could be me, the boss of all bosses, that wants to be invisible, not a celebrity, not targeted, not controlled, because that spotlight says no freedom. That was obvious when you were born into a city like Los Angeles, which is a county, but for the record LBC is mine, but there’s diversity over there. So idk why so many people have not left 50 miles from their house but have an opinion on the world. Because it’s a very small perspective when they discover the other shades of the skin color that kept them so ignorant. Because what is there to complain about today? We have all resources on the internet. I even streamlined the computer to the phone. I eliminated something. But I’m not worried about free will, because I knew I was thrown into some shit. But tried to get out every chance I could. But there are some things about my body specifically that are different. Because I don’t mention my experience because I used to force myself to forget. And save thinking and brainstorming for REM sleep because I was giving free labor, knew I was a slave, but then was I a slave or just learning responsibility and management of the unrealistic tasks. So what I do. Well, Pokémon was teaching more than school.. so was GTA… the sims… any game really because it was like a platform to practice the elimination of barriers. Ok. So I gotta shortcut something because all these Asian kids sharing homework, texting answers in class, MySpace the homework, writing extremely tiny, passing answers to lucky classes after, hoping that someone doesn’t screw up the lucky curve grade situation. After all, I just knew these white people disrespecting every culture were not that smart using all these big words to make reading a barrier. After all, no one talks like that, not the one who burned all the witches, no, sitting in a room full of Asians, and we all just shortcut Education with teamwork. Doesn’t matter what country, because even we were confused on what made a person Asian, to begin with. But there was confusion in the Latin community too. But we just kinda celebrated our differences and had cultural appreciation events… or months.. because we knew it was like impossible to be that educated and absorb all that info with like, the limited time in the day, because a lot of those students, competing to be number 1, were already smarter than the adults.. but we just kinda played video games, sports, has fun, oh yea and then we had to do stuff for society too because we could feel people breathing over us making society our problem. But we kinda were already trapping out the system. Because we turned fun into money and blocked out politics because idk what that is either? I know I wanted to be president at one point, but I saw him not having that much power or freedom. And then like, when you are a leader, people are scared of you, idk why. I did projects and homework for people that were failing and plagiarizing but then some laughed at me, others appreciated it, but I have a signature style, so teacher already knows so, I gotta find a truthful way to present that if the teacher enjoys reading essays and not using a student to grade it.

And then it depends on what school you’re going to and how much money they receive or don’t receive. Because people think the Department of Commerce only works every 10 years… but how effective would that be? That’s like another problem with adults that fear the Internet because it’s not hard to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. Because it is obvious to me. But I just watch anime, in Japanese too, but I learned Hebrew because I was born into Islam but idk got adopted into a parent that wanted Christianity.. but stopped going to church.. because I kinda changed their opinion there too but why does questioning the unknown and hoping for a ghost to magically resolve all your problems become a bad thing? They can do that in private, not at work, not at school, not in public, but some evil man at the Forum in Inglewood needed to put the spotlight on the child playing Pokémon so he could… get the game boy taken away… so I can notice him judging and using assumptions or interpretations to make people feel bad, and then take their money, and then singers sing to uplift them back. And then not get free food, because even the mosque had free food. But no I forgot Hebrew, remembered that Christianity was not even this, it was like some Lady, at the grocery store… telling me to burn! But catholic, Saint John or Saint Paul, who had an issue with me, still put that aside and helped me. Wow, idk but this Pope, this Mormon. I don’t talk about what goes on behind clothes doors but I see a problem there too. But this is my experience with religion not to disrespect, but the pledge of allegiance was a hard thing to do in a diverse school because it kinda made one religion more important in the melting pot, which could have stayed in the place it ran away from. They never mentioned what the Queen did though, nothing nice at all, but I know, when Americans are done being in the spotlight and I rub out of info, I’m already in the United Kingdom. Because they seem a little more evolved, more focused on education, and so having two versions of English was just weird. But everyone that wants to survive has to speak English. And get burned now too.

The Green Scientist, we can have a zoom meeting and generate some climate change action, and then exchange feedback for more action… or we could just… grow our mindset, your choice…

But Idk even I was tortured by listening to Slavery because I just couldn’t figure out why I had to keep listening to that… it’s old…. But then they wanted a black president… okay… I see… but I want diversity in the candidates too… but… Obama… and he had Education… so it wasn’t ghetto rap music or world star hip hop… or drugs and stripper shit… he was like… okay your name is already too similar to a recent tragedy… but he kinda added some … class… dignity… grace… to the situation, because I tuned out the Bush disaster… but after people finally started voting, because I know they were not voting before… I was like oh… he helped some people understand something too, there was like an insurance scam going on… I learned insurance… licensed in all 50 states too.. could have gotten insurance wealth, even a veteran promoted that career, but…. Too much Medicare… too much CMS… too much exclusion… because we just need help paying for medical expenses, but idk talking to the elderly all day… learning the meds… lack of understanding… and then like, now I can educate others because thats a hard test to get licensed in… and every state has a different opinion too. Our flag is like.. 50 opinions in the voting system that I will eventually destroy too. Because I destroy everything with a manipulative strategy around it. Because who understands politics? All I see is war? Death? And then like… my whole family in it, idk if they were forced, because my great great grandfather who was the SuperPower itself. Had more money, businesses, wives, free labor children beat with the switches, and then like had all this knowledge, didn’t injure himself to escape military because that was a thing too, didn’t steal so many weapons from military because that was a thing too, throw away my work on his will to divide all that crap that people fight for, to say at the end, he disowns all his children. And that was a real funeral. His children were already wealthy and educated though…. but they wanted his acceptance so bad… I just wanted to know why he was so mean, but he wasn’t mean to me though, he kinda said a bunch of fake stuff like, I care… I love.. if you need… but I know it’s fake. I know what’s fake… everything about me is fake too… but idk I kinda just am trying to find something that makes sense… because no one was poor… they were just uneducated. Because I was educating adults, and getting disrespected on the sideline, but I had a parent that didn’t have a partner helping, but wanted acceptance from something, but they all kinda took away something from parent just because of a sibling rivalry? I think? Because they had degrees too, but every time I come around, and I hated being around… because half the money I inherited was stolen or spent by mom because she was looking for love and acceptance but had everything.

I could say the same for dad… in the military outfit.. speaking code.. but I think he knew California was not the place to own property. Even if you worked for Raytheon or Boeing… because they kinda invited in their terrain too. Maybe I was just lucky… I like this whole John Smith thing, but all the fighting and martial arts.. capoeira.. getting stabbed and shot… hit by cars… the thing most people would seek pity for because they don’t even understand empathy or something apparent to a child asking questions about mommy and daddy. Oh yes, this a story now… because I gotta start making blogging, not a bad idea, just a secret thing, because I stopped an operation, to make living make sense, after throwing away the path that was so intense, I could just work for free, still not care, try to finish the cheat code, because I don’t have competition. I never asked to compete, I’m not even trying that hard, but some people say they are… but still no competition… I just turn down money… because if I can’t be myself, then you must need a bot or a program because you won’t lose money firing that employee… and they won’t waste company time either because we get free labor from education too. But people are afraid of the unknown… the government… who is this government? Oh is it your brother? He went on http://www.usajobs.gov and got educated on how real operation works. Not some kiss the customers that steal from the company to avoid bills and negligence from overspending…because I think some companies have already lost 60,000 from one employee giving away credits instead of customer service within a month of employment. But these companies pay $3000/mo on advertising so the problem goes back to education. Because I tutored a few people into business degrees. But they were just too scared, probably too old, because when I said ok… gotta get a degree so I can get money and then save for business. But wait, I make all this money in video games, make all this money that I pay people to go out with me because I’d rather buy drinks than to be alone.. and black… and drunk… people are so jealous… I just want to be Rico Bentley… that goes to the club to party and dance with all my bad bitches. Because I never had a girl around me that wasn’t a supermodel… don’t make me pull out receipts… but they are like rich and famous too… just want fun… but some jealous person… and to be drunk… first of all… when cops come… if your drunk… no rights… so for me to be black too… yea I need someone to cut that out… I don’t even care if I got a truck full of people and go home by myself or with one.. because most those girls go home with a woman… or man.. but call me at 4 am when a dumb man is like… oh yea I live with my mom… cuz I’m like… that’s the problem there… they want something but have nothing to offer. Because I knew they had no money… that’s why I said my friends… yea… especially when like… they know my problem… and how long my blocklist goes… but damn… I tried to give them the credit card and I use the other card so like… they can like.. not beg or interrupt me for drinks.. but they maxed out the card… already was a mistake… but I was just like, blowing money anyway… because I had too many jobs… because high school was harder than college… and working a job was like… I can’t have more than one State job so I gotta get a federal job… oh it even works around school and my other job, okay, now let’s get idk that military thing I changed my name for that pays to work once a month because I still want to do this fantasy thing too, they pay me and buy me food, then like idk, earn money with Uber or charge the druggies for transportation service, learn about stocks too because my family didn’t know that one…but then… idk how long I can put out all this energy… I’m getting paid to go party now… the bartender is hitting me up on Instagram… people think I’m rich… but I’m just working… I shouldn’t be saying anything because I’m too many clearances deep, so like everything is legit, Google my name, and nothing comes up… perfect, now no one can ruin my work life or education or family life because I can trace the sources now. But then… I should have done porn like the guy said because I would be filthy rich by now. I just give away my stuff because a loyal friend is more important than someone that feels uncomfortable because they don’t have a materialistic thing that I just let collect dust anyways. But idk… something about being attacked all the time as a government employee, even by mad employers they have to pay taxes, and the employee they fired files for unemployment because they have to survive… idk… 5 years of that… I thought business owners were educated… none of them were doctors or dentists thought…. Just like sales, customer service but fire and employee with no documentation because they all follow each other like monkeys now… but then … the black one… the one they didn’t know was power-housing the whole operation. Okay, so everything is subjective…. That means there are just guidelines in the laws, and I have control, power…. Okay… so my Arabic friend loses their job because he’s too Arabic and does not fit into culture… okay… let’s take their money!!!! And then provide resources? Places to get support when limited English is a barrier? But then now the rich people are needed help because they are so rich sleeping in their BMW… okay… so everyone is faking it… even the lawyers that scream at me like I’m going to be motivated by entitlement. I kinda got druggies attacking me too when they don’t get a fake apology for their failure to accept accountability but idk if Governor’s office and lawsuits they kept trying to throw at me because they couldn’t even get my name right, but they could just say John and I’ll say ok. But idk supporting the needy feels like… now my team is attacking me for representing so much destruction of liars… because I will never care about someone that lies to me, even when I say “no matter what, tell me what happened so I can defend you better” still waste my time and when confronted with the truth… evidence in writing. I just say you know what… I need to get out of here…somehow 50 lawyers deep couldn’t harass me to quit fast enough, because all I saw in government employees, was me overworking, saving money, educating people, becoming something you can’t fire, or make lose money because I had insurance for money loss too. And now my disability and religion made them tippy-toe, and I said Intermittent FMLA plus work from home… and the IT department said… I’ve been here a while… and no one has done this… I said they are attacking something to support something they don’t understand. I can’t support lies and have empathy for people that just want drugs. They can always get a job… but then… they paired me up with a psychologist because attacking me with the legal system just taught me stuff. I learn something from every attack because that’s why I’m a robot anyway. Idk what I look like, I have no culture, I relate to everything, and most of the time people my age can’t even talk so I learn from businesses, bosses, and Bentley Status stuff anyways… but I don’t judge them, I know it’s not me, it’s the situation, that’s why they blow up my mailbox and prevent others from access just to show stress and apology. Because they still don’t realize we like… know your address… your social…phone… a lot… so like it’s not worth jail but come on… I can even see problems with the money too… but now I know how to operate a company from reviewing every company policy and I’m scared to lose money so make them sign and not read… yea that’s why I can’t work a regular job by this point…

If I did… has to be self-employment or government… but idk trump laughed at something and I had to save government employees too by introducing them to Navy Federal, a Credit Union… ok now we have 0 interest loans, while we cling to our seats and hopes no one… oh is that why I have PTSD… even fire department was like this dude outruns everyone in our department to do what? Active shooter? No Fire? Drill? Yea sees that’s why I can randomly look at the sun and run for 8 hours until almost having a seizure and like… some bitch can ask me questions but I’m telling her I cannot breathe, but she’s mad I’m not answering her questions but she knows my heart rate is way too high, but that’s normal for me because my doctor knows that… that’s why we made a specialist into primary care… because lord knows… we needed someone strong, from New York, that like… understands… my operation… because she keeps me educated on my internal situation, immune to bull crap, eliminates gaps in education within the medical system, can represent with documentation for all the legal agencies that are just slaughtering me with crap… see that’s why when I found a way to legally smoke weed… I was like… omg… my anxiety is going away now… nobody’s business… but I can smoke, quit drinking because that was making me throw up anyways… but idk how I’m lazy…. Now I slowed down and like…. I can just like….drop out… sleep for two years… omg I forgot I was married too… but like I don’t care because he wanted to work anyways… doesn’t believe that they married the devil…. Because they can’t seem to figure out the login to pay the bill… but me getting mental health in a hospital… now my spouse loves me… because now I’m not doing the whole operation… but idk… it takes a long time too… because I don’t think anyone just believes me because they want credibility or a piece of paper or like money… but… I can’t get mental health, sit anywhere because who going to manage the house more and car note… I can’t do that if I’m sitting up somewhere…. So… gotta learn the lock away your freedom in mental hospital operation because white confused spouse into thinking that lying was a good idea. But even evil… Victoria’ Secret… the medical doctor… and the man… the court… neglect of people to drug them into zombie mode… they were just normal people to me… getting ignored… but that tv thing… that scared me too… idk if that’s like military because it’s a federal hospital, with very specific rules, and very specific things I won’t discuss because then automatically there’s something bad that says conflict of interest…. But oh yea stupid spouse that can’t keep secrets because I know everything too. Everything on the internet touches my phone. Even if it’s telling Alexa that it’s depressing. Because I had party music that said every time he gets near home… guess the song… it’s on the SmartMusic Playlist….

But I don’t use music for anything evil like changing a mood, obtaining energy, confidence, or just learning about these intelligent writers or ghostwriters… because a lot of people don’t realize that they kinda lose their choices when they enter my trap… but now I just want to educate. So when my Spouse thinks favoritism from police cause me to lose my clearance because idk, they wanted to argue with the thing that kinda introduced them to a real employer…. But no… he doesn’t think racism is real, and that people don’t ask me why my penis is black but my skin is white… so I lied about my pics…and I’m like… ok… but they want a BBC too so idk they just steal my pics anyways, so yea I stopped that crap… it has geolocation in the pic… scrubbed that too… but everyone knows how different I am because now I’m getting alerts about a person using my pics? But I’m ugly though? Oh, I see, he steals recordings and harasses the gay community and threatens them too, because I told him, Even if he has a Ph.D.… I will not tolerate this crap… but we have the same doctor too… and they keep messaging me… they have a doctor dropping stuff off…. From Nigeria too…. But I just block… block… block… because I gotta deal with survival when beating up 6 cops, then wait for sheriff who just wanted to understand… but they needed to debate for 20 mins how they can make up a charge… then my recording device falls in cop car… cop calls friends in jail… because idk having 8 idiots who are in a directory somewhere… gotta go home sometime… no he cannot ask a question to correction officer… because correction officer has power!! But then they just had a bathroom with no camera… but even with a group of weak people still end up in the hospital… but then like they tried to strap me up too because I was hoping to continue because the female correction officer had permission to get a lick but she was like… no I’m ok… so they strap me? But then the feds pop up… don’t know who invited them…. Because idk… I kinda do aggressive things in sports too, I couldn’t be a nerd… I had to be cool too, and like to use football to practice something a truck driver made me realize might be bipolar issues. Because I met someone who refused to take their meds because they can’t drive with those meds… so what they tell me… they are so angry they run people off the road… I just didn’t think that was real… but now I see I might be bipolar because I don’t even feel pain and that’s why I’m so nice… because I kinda enjoy it too. I’m scared to hurt people… but sometimes people won’t stop. So idk… should I do boxing? Should I work out? Idk… even my dad.. scared of nothing… could punch me in the face… not die, because he didn’t know who his son was… because his other son didn’t tell him… but then he realizes he made a mistake… and I don’t even know… because that’s the first time someone got me in the face. I didn’t even flinch… and he thought he was helping me but he was getting an opportunity because hit up a rich friend, and same-day flight, because I didn’t need to waste my time getting to know him, he apologized but I can’t do fake anything so idk, reject all the money, houses, and cars. But the random money for weed… yes I accept… but idk, he’s paying child support too, and I told my mom to keep it because I’m done pretending like I want to hold on to that crap…. Because she’s schizophrenic too, and that’s an immediate alert now… now I know what allelopathy research leads to…

Joining a Challenge could earn you $50 to create a Patreon, but would you spend $5 to join a Patreon, even if it was like, an internship for Creators…

Hmm … but I’m done arguing with Facebook because now I know what evil looks like… business with no employees or sales. How about a search engine. Generate money with one website… but no… there’s more evil… bots that do things and can’t be prosecuted… so the children on the internet taking money and making apps to get a response from me… idk…. I’m just 28… sometimes I don’t eat or sleep… but idk I found out I could just not have expenses… or employees… promote other peoples stuff.. and like… educate employers too… because it’s all online… 50 lawyers deep… but I just give freedom… but then say… hold up…. $30,000 just for copyright, but that’s just copyright, but let’s educate them… because they charge for air… and I say…. Hmmm… something is keeping you alive… you can manage to breathe your air too… because that’s kinda horrible to think about… that’s why… ultimately the United States wins the power game… because they claimed something before someone else… but if people did earn money for everything they did… including talking… and walking… and writing… would they care? Because I don’t even think people want money. They want instant gratification…. But we can streamline that into a system too. But no…. I gotta spend 8 years on that… but idk am I evil? Or just depressed? Because depression was temporary because I could just whisper some stuff, and you can do it for me… but you won’t do it right… you’re like Marketing me but threatening me too, but idk why… I was just trying to get people freedom or happiness… VR and now a broke person can experience whatever they want… but don’t forget… your electronics can let the burglar in too, but we can operate businesses with our voice and Siri too…. But privacy? Cyber security? Yes, you can hack me and obtain pics… and garbage… because idk… someone tried to say they had a trillion dollars to spend to get on my nerves… I said… I could just rot somewhere like jail or hospital… and not work… oh crap…. I’m not 40…. Sorry… gotta figure out what I should go to school for because idk… businesses supporting businesses… customers provided free traffic and labor… YouTubers making a million to post Beyoncé and dip… but wait… they could have followers pay $1 and get a million too… darn… my international supporters don’t have money either, but they can drive traffic. But idk, I could throw all that money back to them, or Education…. Make challenges… crap… now every business all of a sudden.. go do challenges for money!

There is a program recording all activity in a screen recording and like blocking content from being seen through… but there’s also no privacy, so love yourself, and your children… because I kinda need my own… now that I know how easy parenting is… it’s like just be honest… that was easy… no steering… no judgment… because men…

But idk they could just be turned on by a foot…
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