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Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, and technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

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Nature's Uprise

We made it our mission to inspire students in science with technology.

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  • That Introduces Plants with Ecology…
  • Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates with Aquaponics…
  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly and Recycled Clothing and Merchandise…
  • E-books, Knowledge Hubs, Rewarding Educational Games with Psychology…
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We outline their unique abilities, their role in the ecosystem, and how they impact the Environment with Ecology in our endless quest for knowledge.

We engage and inspire interested students with science and technology while offering guidance in the career selection process with our opportunities, programs, events, podcast discussions, newsletters, resources, digital content, services, and community outlined in our blog.

We encourage business-oriented, entrepreneurs, self-employed, people that want their own brand, or invest in themselves to follow along, contribute, and use our membership offers as a way to receive insight on turning their hobbies into profit more practical and making work feel less like work to increase overall happiness in the quality of life.

“If you care for the environment, the environment will care for you.” – GrowWithUs

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Our Mission

We made it our mission to inspire students with science and technology. If someone makes a purchase from us, we don’t consider them a customer, we consider them to be a supporter. The term customer is just too impersonal and gives the impression that there was no connection in that interaction, just a simple business deal. We engage, educate, support life, and maintain our planet. We educate our supporters on methods that increase the quality of life with our inspirational nature-based discussions of STEM (Primarily Science and Technology) and ecological sustainability to produce economic growth. We partner with organizations that align with our values and vision for the future. As a 100% online and paperless business we are able to maximize our growth potential, counterbalance environmental impact and offset the effects of our carbon footprint. We instill a growth mindset on students, transforming them into visionary leaders and empowering the lives of communities across the developing world. We incorporated a zero-waste planning system, use renewable energy and recycled material, grow trees, and are amongst the most popular online stores for indoor plants and aquatic animals.

Find out why Nature is on the Uprise...

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Our Vision

Inspiring students and enhancing the quality of life through education is important because we believe it would reduce or possibly even eliminate future economical and societal dilemmas. We would utilize our products, services, knowledge, and experiences to develop a platform in which we produce visionary leaders and have a positive impact on the world. We are positioning ourselves as the world’s first online exclusive company that wants to educate the students about the world and how useful its natural resources can be to bring people closer to happiness. We want to claim the throne as the number one resource for all things Science and Technological. We utilize Nature to enhance the quality of our lives through sustainable activities and zero-waste decisions. We offer educational resources, research, and scholarships to fill the missing gap within our education system, enhance the quality of lives, by making the idea of choosing a career based on hobbies, entertaining, and enjoyable activities as opposed to selecting a career based on income or convenience make more sense and produce future visionary leaders. In our vision, complex ideas like bringing someone back from the dead or time travel would be a more realistic concept as we encourage new discoveries and breakthroughs in our understanding.

Nature’s Uprise in the Big Black Book with the Money Game Playbook

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The book outlines secrets, our directory, budget, policies, goals, operations, office manual, and procedures. I grant access to all our certification courses, playbooks, and extra exclusive content you just have to see for yourself!





Nature is on the Uprise! Caring for the ecosystem, using sustainable resources, and inspiring people with our ability to meet needs and expectations with a wow factor. We know there is a need for our product and services. We know that our staff is of high quality and adds value to our customers. But we are not satisfied with that. It’s too impersonal, and we would like to have a more transparent and approachable presence. So we incorporate different ways our audience can engage with us, and we engage with them and the community. We are using interactions to learn what our audience actually needs and would enhance the quality of their lives. This information gives us direction on what products and services to offer, rather than just offering what’s most convenient and profitable for us. When we offer a product or service for a fee, we strive to be the most compatible price and to make the expense for the customer investment. We introduce ways individuals can get subject-based questions answered and monetize hobbies while trusting that our brand will continue to produce quality content and eco-friendly merchandise. We are dynamic, produce content accessible to multiple platforms, and are compatible with the majority of hardware devices.

Diversity and Inclusion

We don’t care about your skin color or who you are sleeping with, everyone regardless of culture, believes, and gender can be a part of the experience, unlock premium content, remove ads from viewing, and obtain a certification in skill with our expansive catalog of certifiable online courses as an E-Learning Course Member.




Our History



        Timeline of Events




        We Started Officially in May 2019, but we were undecided on the name…


    I am Jamal Muwwakkil The “Green Scientist”: A CEO/Manager Leading Nature’s Uprise to Inspire Students in Science w/ Technology, instilling Growth Mindsets, Transforming into Visionary Leaders w/ Sustainability to Empower World Communities! -Linkedin. I started Nature’s Uprise out of a passion for Ecology and the endless quest for Knowledge. I spent so much time researching somewhat complex topics to find an indoor, at-home, aquarium hobbyist solution to developing a complete ecosystem that can maintain itself essentially. It all pretty much boiled down to taking care of and maintaining the water. And boy oh boy does water have so many different properties to measure. I’m not talking about simply measuring the pH, but any chemical it mixes or comes in contact with can impact its properties. Which impacts maintenance. Boy, do I like to ramble? Telling my story seems like such a distraction and a disservice to me. If you really are interested in my story I will be repurposing my rambles about me in the Medium blog. Otherwise, you can always contact us or join the Green Team as an Intern.



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    Let’s make a difference. When you request a virtual meeting, you and I will both contribute towards planting a tree.

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