What is Sustainably Run Meetings, Restaurants, and Gift Trees?

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Who is Sustainably Run?

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Sustainably Run is Nature’s Uprise Green Team Partner
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A little about Sustainably Run… They Are Officially On The Green Team

Sustainably Run is one of our partners in case you did not read about us, which makes them an official member of the Green Team which some info can be found if you grow with us.

They help turn day-to-day business activities into a force for good through planting life-changing fruit trees.

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Utilizing beautifully simple tech they help Nature’s Uprise offset the carbon footprint of human and organization activities and turn it into food, income, and education in the developing world.

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What about these Sustainably Run Restaurants?

Do we know there is a Green Chef out there? It could be just me. Because Everyone loves my cooking, but I have a very crucial judgment so that’s probably why I use organic products and focus on the flavor pallets and using fresh ingredients with the right materials, I’m talking about Cast Iron Pots and Ceramic Knives, but if you own a restaurant… maybe you can get feedback by giving free food “samples” to the homeless? #FreeFoodFriday or #FeedForFeedback and be even more sustainable.

Grow With Us On Youtube
Grow With Us On Youtube

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