10 Skills Needed For Most Powerful Online Business…

This is what kills off societies or gives perspectives.. fear.. jobs.. money… power.. choice… harassed… everyone in your business..

Skill One: Writing

Writing? Blogging? Web Design? Propaganda? Documentation? Books? Language? Poetry? Lyrics? Names? SEO? Policies? Oaths? Movies? Bureaucracy? Plagiarism? Branding? Explanation? Subjectiveness? Laws? Conversation? Websites and Social Media? Feedback? Complaint? Resume? Essay? Debate? Arguments? Bibles?

Look at all the things that require writing.

And now you can get paid to write… it’s just a really hard process, because you control everything when you write ✍️…Because without words there would be no websites, communication, or understandings, but also no documentation. Writing controls the content, perspective, and the level of subjectiveness of the text.

Is he helping you grow in the right direction?
Business Growth
But who believed god was real? Even if it was the Earth that keeps you alive?
Now I have a lot more writing to do, but can we write together? I can streamline the writing Process too?
Writing that couldn’t be more complex and all over communication..

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