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Do you guys know what Neuroscience is?

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I know I didn’t. I have a passion for Science but there are new forms of it being introduced or maybe are not as commonly discussed that it could easily pass me by. I may understand the concepts within a branch of science but may not even know the term. Well, I am going to make the process easier for you. You may have heard the term Neurology before, But is it the same as Neuroscience? Is it one of those commonly confusing terms like psychiatry and psychology? Did you know that Technology is considered a Science?

You are not alone. As someone who has been on an endless quest for knowledge, I often wonder things too. That’s the key to learning. If you have no curiosity, no desire to discover new things, and have been stuck in the same routine, same living circumstances, and are happy with that, then I wonder how you ended up here. Please let me know, even in total isolation, Tarzan can learn from the Challenge Chimps and the Apes. Being curious and learning is what keeps a person alive for the most part. More awareness of how the world works around you can help you avoid falling prey to some of the things our ancestors had no clue how to address. And if you know anything about us, this is extremely important. So for you audio-heads out there hopefully this will be a fun topic for you. One of the behaviors I’ve adopted is to change my mood, increase my drive to perform a task or obtain inspiration, which all lead to an increase in learning or lead to a discovery of something new. It doesn’t have to have words, it could be in another language, the sound of things has a big impact on our behaviors and influences our ways of thinking. If you are familiar with Psychology then you are almost there. As with most sciences, Psychology and Neuroscience have quite a bit of overlap as they both are related to studying the brain. Exploring the basic workings of the brain and how it impacts learning can help people better understand how students learn and process music. This is specifically called SmartMusic.

But you don’t necessarily have to be “smart” to make music. It’s quite subjective I would imagine, but one thing I must say is that the musicians that receive the most replays from me. They usually are considered smart in my perspective. To be able to write something and communicate effectively to another person requires intelligence and creativity. The reason being is that most of the time we don’t think with words, we think with our thoughts. Try to think about a person who is born without hearing. They can still think, but may not fully understand language. At least not an audible form of it. So to write something, and to tell a story and send a message, or to teach in a music form deserves some appreciation. They also usually include sounds from computers or instruments that they have to match, otherwise, the mixing of sounds won’t be as enjoyable. And in most cases there is some repetition in the sounds, so the lyrics, if any, usually will have some sort of rhyming scheme to them. But how important are the lyrics?

There are many genres of music. There is a form of music that exists in almost every culture, every language. Some people will listen to music in other languages and have no idea the artist is saying that he/she is worshipping the devil. Many movie producers use music to portray or influence how certain scenes should be experienced. Some sounds influence happiness and excitement, some will make you sad, and then there’s the Fight Music to make you feel tough enough to defend yourself against a bully. I liked that category the most, not because I want to fight anyone, but because it usually uplifts my self-esteem and takes me out of depression. Which a lot of times is influenced by the experience with other people, so if I feel like I’m number 1, I can overlook the constant trend in society of letting others know what’s wrong with them and rewarding negative behaviors. So in most cases that means Hip-Hop music. But that genre is universal and has a lot to do with the artist and the experiences in their life and how they want the audience to feel. And it’s not so much the lyrics, it’s more so the tempo, speed of sound, the bass, and even the specific instruments used. For some people, that style of music will give them the energy to clean up or do unwanted chores, some will have weed the drive to work out, others will want to go dancing. And it’s not just a “Black” thing. Almost every culture has its form, it may have a slight variation in style, just like our languages. If you asked me, I’d say that music is a language. But how does music impact animal behavior? Do animals have language? Can animals make music? I guess you will have to join our Quora group if you have an interest in learning with us. We could also use some contributors as well. can tell you for certain that there are animals that produce and are influenced by the “bird calls” of other animals. So if this is your first time here, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list for notifications of our upcoming content. Most of our emails are related to new content, special sign-up offers, introductions to new products and services, free items, event invites, and engagement surveys. Education is much more important to us than force-feeding our readers into a sale they are not looking for. We run a newsletter specifically for educating individuals on making Money with their hobbies or things outside of the norm. The cheat sheet to side hustles if you will. We call it Nature’s Newsletter, The papermaker. It is Online so it saves paper, and produces paper instead, in your wallet. So if your primary resources are Google and YouTube, well hopefully we just added another to your Arsenal with the discovery of Quora. And if you use a student utilizing that website will allow you to obtain reputable first-person information that you can utilize as a source. You can post any question, and a person related to the topic will outline their year’s experiences and job title, in an impact fulness voting system that will get you the cite-able answers that you need. You can also ask us in there as well. Check out what the experts have to say about this discussion on Quora.

Okay so now you know where to go to obtain information, but what if you just want to explore more music? What if you just want to have fun and utilize it as a source of entertainment. And that’s where we come in. Nature’s Uprise has a solution for people that want to explore the world of Neuroscience and SmartMusic. We have two options for you.

As a part of our E-Learning Course Membership program not only do you receive access to our Certification Courses, but you receive access you’re our Paper Maker as a part of the LinkedIn database with notifications on internships (we have one available as well), access to obtaining recommendations and career opportunities/data, LinkedIn’s learning Program, and access to The ” Big Black Book” which is a Playbook granting access to our live workspace with wiki-style that allows a person to maximize their career success through this mentorship program and access our SmartMusic database with all of the most influential music, and all the ways to earn and learn with music. It’s even optimized for compatibility on the computer and the phone. Now is a perfect opportunity to explore before school starts. And we are certain that you are going to enjoy access to our Money Game Project: a rewards system for completing success plan tasks. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for things they were planning to do anyway while increasing productivity habits? We will be releasing snippets and sneak peeks on our Instagram and Facebook Stories if you want some time to think about it.

And that’s not all… we have “one more thing” We will be holding a challenge on our Tumblr Community Blog about SmartMusic and The NeuroScience of music. If you’re not familiar with our Tumblr then it is a great place to receive media-based announcements to the Chimp Challenges, there’s always an opportunity to utilize your talents to win prizes, we accept submissions and depending on your request will reblog or feature you on our platform. In most cases, there will be additional career-based rewards. You can listen to the music of the day, the moment, our favorites, our partner’s favorites, request a song feature especially if you are an up-and-coming artist, or just simply explore Nature Photography and Animal Spotlights. And on top of that, it’s free! And there are so many opportunities to explore what you love doing the most: listening and discovering music and getting paid for it. I wonder what that career is called, I guess you better check in with the Paper Maker.

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