We made it, getting past the pandemic

It was such a tragedy, wasn’t it? Something so unexpected. Something so unplanned. Something that impacted the entire globe. The entire earth. Almost everyone has been impacted negatively by this tragedy. But we didn’t give up. We were challenged. But most of us are still here. And we are still pushing through.

Our heart goes out to everyone that has suffered a tragic loss. We understand that some things cannot be replaced. But we must change our outlook. Change our perspectives. Nothing stays horrible forever. 

Even us, Nature’s Uprise, needed to take a step back. Make sure that we and our loved ones are okay. My heart goes out to all of you and we appreciate your patience and sticking with us. We know that you love our plants, but we are putting the majority of our plant sales on hold for the moment. We encourage everyone to check out these roses that we have available here: https://www.tkqlhce.com/click-100426120-5656131. We will have many more plants available in the upcoming months.

This is going to be somewhat of a weird blog post so please bear with us. We just want to make sure that we get a few things cleared up before we get into the good stuff. Stay tuned as there will be a lot of good information, lots of opportunities to win free rewards, and many guides that will lead individuals to success.

To change the tone of the topic a little. We made it! We are finally putting ourselves back together and getting out of this tragic hole. And boy oh boy do we have good news for you.

So for one, we are Nature’s Uprise. Everyone’s favorite online store. We specialize in everything nature-oriented and mainly sell plants and aquatic animals for the hobbyist. We offer organic, eco-friendly, post-recycled clothing and merchandise. Our mission is to inspire students with science and technology. Therefore we created a tutoring program that ended up being successful. We have since rebranded our tutoring program to Tutoring by Nature’s Uprise. We recommend that you check it out here: https://naturesuprise.com/tutoring-by-natures-uprise/ 

We are working with tutors all over the nation to ensure that we are keeping tutors employed and students educated. We strive to add support to the economic, educational, and social well-being of families, children, and communities without needlessly harming the environment in the process. We refer students to the most qualified and compatible tutor that will lead them to academic success. If you are a tutor and are interested in receiving more students we encourage you to fill out our survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TWT9ZJ5 

We have partnered with a few social media influencers to help generate wealth to support our community. Our official merchandise has been rebranded and you can check out our items available at: https://natures-uprise.creator-spring.com/? 

We are always looking to uplift our community and if you have skills in art or digital art, please contact us.

Coming soon we will be discussing ways to stay healthy and to earn a profit from it. Things are about to get REAL interesting!


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