A Student’s Guide to Learning From Home.

Shows a student on his laptop studying for an exam.

Online Learning? What is that? Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many schools have transitioned into online learning. But Online Learning has been around much longer than the pandemic. According to Purdue University and The National Center for Education Statistics, more than 6 million students are currently in online courses. 85% of students think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience. The classroom experience can be replicated at home. When you receive a textbook at school it’s almost the same as receiving an Ebook or an electronic copy of the book. And the best part is that you can search through ebooks for specific words or phrases. Searching through books electronically is certain a lot faster and more efficient than using a glossary or table of contents. In most cases, instead of seeing the etcher in person, you can see the teacher through videos and recorded lectures. With the lectures being recorded, that means you do not have to be in class on a specific day to get the information that you need. You can simply watch the lecture and videos when convenient for you. You can still ask questions to the teacher in Zoom meetings (a popular web program) either by voice or typing in the chat. Without seeing the professor in person, hopefully, that should also reduce shyness. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question. You can expect to continue to have quizzes and exams, but at least you can use your computer as a resource. Some teachers go as far as to set up anti-cheating and anti-plagiarism programs. Some programs require students to have a camera on during the exam. You don’t get to have classmates sitting next to you, so you should be able to focus a little better. Most online learning programs have a discussion forum that you can use to interact with other classmates.


So what’s so bad about online learning? Mainly the cost, while it can be cheaper, one must invest in technology before they can dive in. You need to have a computer, headset, camera, internet, and electricity. These things add up and can be a little pricy sometimes. If your lucky then the school would provide the equipment for you. Some companies have offered a reduction of the monthly bill if you are a student or have a low income. So if you’re lucky, you will not have to worry about the cost very much. 

If you’re new to online learning, things could be a little confusing. You have to get familiar with the school’s website so that you know how to find what you need and don’t end up missing assignments. After a bit of practice and repetition, you should be able to get the hang of it. 

 Online courses teach a person to become self-disciplined. Instead of relying on the instructor for guidance. There is a limited amount of time with the instructor, but Nature’s Uprise has your back, we offer tutoring in all subjects, we can help you get back on track (or slightly ahead). Check out our tutoring services.

Do not procrastinate. Get into the habit of completing assignments early. Most professors provide a Syllabus, review that to see all your future assignments and due dates. Online courses require good time management skills, something that can be taught in our tutoring. Sometimes online learning can be a little isolating, that’s why we recommend interacting with the students on the discussion board. Maybe you could create a study group. Get familiar with Quizlet, it’s a website/app that helps you create flashcards. Since a lot of the classes are a repeat of another one, the course material should be all over the internet by the time you start the class. You can copy and paste questions from quizzes on to google and the answer may appear. If the teacher allows open books and notes, you should be able to pass quizzes and exams with high scores. Please look at our Student Portal for access to more resources.

If you find yourself getting bored, just try to change your perspective. Everything that you cover in class, relate it to something in your real life. It gives more meaning to the material covered and helps with memorizing. Study all of the keywords introduced in each chapter using Quizlet. They even allow you to use the flashcards of the previous students, in case the setup process becomes too tedious. Review the learning objectives and read the material thoroughly and carefully. Try watching youtube videos about your course topic in the event of confusion. One helpful strategy is to try breaking up your day, make plans to do your assignments. Maybe spend an hour reading, spend an hour doing assignments, maybe another hour studying definitions, or however, you see fit. And don’t forget to add in a few short breaks so you don’t burn yourself out. You can also try using a weekly planner, writing things down can help you remember. Do not let any assignments pass you by, and if you do miss an assignment I’d recommend asking the instructor if you can turn it in late. Capitalize on every point and extra credit possible. Once you get in the rhythm of online schooling and how it works, you can expect to have more time throughout the day than physically being in the class.


Last but not least, you must have a learning environment. You need a place that you can get away from distractions. Take a break from social media and your phone. If your place of choice happens to be your room then make sure it’s clear of any mess. It’s been proven that productivity increases when you’re in a clean environment. Avoid doing your homework in bed, laying down in bed can relax you and cause you to get sleepy. Try sitting upright in a chair at a desk or table with enough space for writing. Join Nature’s Uprise to find out your learning style and things you can do to maximize the study session. Study smarter not harder.

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  1. Can you please tell me who is the author of pictures and text of Student’s guide to learning from home. Thank you in advance.


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