How to pass a test with flying colors.

Of course, you are going to want to study for the test. Most students know in advance when the test is coming. Most of the time it is listed on the Syllabus. Knowing how much time we have should influence how we handle the study sessions. There are different ways to study when you are doing it last minute versus a few weeks in advance. The instructors will also give out reminders, and if we are lucky hints on what the questions would be like. If you were fully soaking in all of the lectures and doing well on your assignments, you should do pretty well. If things aren’t quite making sense and you can see how poorly you do on assignments then don’t panic, we can show you how easy it is to study. If you enjoy reading, then it makes things a lot easier. Sometimes the information in text books can be confusing and cover a lot of information. That’s why it good to do your homework prior so that you can get practice for the real test. More often than not, instructors will include the same questions from a homework assignment onto the test. So if you did your homework you should be in an okay spot, and then you can gauge how well you’ll do on the test by your homework performance. If you not doing well on the homework, then it might be time to ask questions and review it with the instructor/teacher. Also reviewing your old homework assignments is a good way to start the study sessions. You can look at the areas that you did poorly in, and just refocus on those areas a little more. Just review old lectures and quizzes. The repetition will help with memory. Ideally, you want to remember everything that was mentioned in the chapters the exam will be on. Turn the study into a fun game if you have to. Studying can be fun, and when you have fun you remember stuff. Find someone to discuss your textbook with and you’ll be rewarded with a fun activity to help engage in the material.


Try skimming through the book and the chapters that will be covered on the test. You’ve already read the book once I’m assuming, but skimming and reviewing key terms will prepare you for some test questions for sure. You want to understand the concepts enough to be able to explain it to someone else. Most textbooks have questions in each chapter, you can review those just in case it may be on the exam. Once you are done reviewing the book, assignments, quizzes, and lectures you should be ready to past the test with flying colors. Many people do poorly when they only attend lectures but do not read the textbook. The lectures are just a summary of the textbook and you’ll be missing important information. The better your understanding of the book, the more successful you will be. Study the book. If you having trouble remembering the material in the book, you can try an app called Quizlet, in which you can create flashcards to study key terms and concepts. You can add the names of the famous people mentioned in the book. Remember the dates of important events. 

Know your teacher, every teacher has a different test style. Some allow open book, some do not. Some create their test, while others get the test from the book. Know what kinds of questions and the difficulty of the questions from the teacher. If you can pick up on common trends and habits of the professor, then you can predict what future tests will be like and how to study better. If you’re lucky you will receive a multiple-choice test, with the answer already visible. You just have to pick the right one and pay close attention to how the questions are worded because some teachers try to trick you. Multiple choice allows you to use the process of elimination to increase your chances of a good score. If you not so lucky you may have to answer essay questions on the test. This is where studying the key terms comes in handy because you can reuse them in your written response. It shows the instructor that you know what you talking about and that you soaked in the material. Sometimes it’s hard to explain things exactly how they are or maybe there were a few things that were hard to remember. At least in this testing style, you have an opportunity to explain some things or provide overall general info about the content. It helps to be able to explain things in different ways. It helps to answer the questions directly, then you can add the extra details later. We want to make sure the question at least got answered and easy for the instructor/teacher to find. Take your time, and if you are running out of time make sure to leave sometime, in the end, to skim through the test and answer as many questions as possible, don’t leave anything blank. Every point matters, answer the easy questions first, this helps you get more questions answered than if you were to start with the hard ones that take more time, which you may not have time for the quick easy ones.


Last but not least, there’s the test anxiety that people sometimes get which causes them to forget or make simple mistakes. I have found that drinking a soothing or relaxing tea can help relax your body right before the test can ease some of the anxiety. Sometimes anxiety could mean that you weren’t prepared for the test. We always want to go in prepared, it helps uplift our mood and counter anxiety. If you are having trouble with your study technique, you can sign up for a session and we will be more than happy to guide you on your learning styles and strategies to optimize the study session. With our help, we can completely personalize the study session. Always try to apply your homework questions with real-life scenarios, it will help you remember better. Not only reading the book but connecting to it and imagining the big deal or the purpose. Don’t be afraid to talk to your peers or fellow students. Studying with them could lead to you learning some shortcuts or concepts you may not have seen or realized. Talking about textbook material with a fellow student could help you remember things better. You can look on the internet for outside opinions on the topic as well, sometimes watching a Youtube video about it will make more sense. If the course material is starting to make sense to you, you will pass the exam. Use class time to ask as many questions as you can. The continuous effort to expose one’s self to the material and right before the test so that it stays fresh in your memory. Take really good notes, the act of writing things down can help a person remember. And if they allow you to use your notes, you’ll want to make sure you have written down something useful. I recommend reviewing your notes minutes before the exam, it helps get the material fresh in your mind.

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At Nature’s Uprise, we have students go through assessments on their learning styles and behaviors. Reading the book slowly and in its entirety is truly the way to pass the test, but knowing your learning style could lead to exploring other, more helpful study tips. If the info in the book is too hard to read then you can always ask questions to the instructor/teacher during class time so they can re-explain or clarify it for it. As a stellar student, we are coming to class prepared with all the reading material read and homework assignments completed. This will give us more time to discuss the things that do not make sense. Talking with the teacher is also another good way to find out what the questions will be like on the test. If they say multiple-choice and about key terms then we are in luck. We always want to hope for that multiple-choice test. But we still need to be prepared as if it will be a hard math test and our use of calculators restricted. Some teachers want to make sure you understand how to do it rather than how to search or calculate it. And for a physics test, you are going to want to try memorizing the formulas or making sense out of them. Make a song in your head if you have to, to help memorize them. The more stuff you can remember, the better. Don’t forget to get some good rest before the test. Good rest helps calm down your nerves so that you won’t have as much test anxiety. Maybe even take a refreshing shower before leaving the house. We want to feel confident during the test. Tell ourselves nice things and positive things about how prepared we are or how well we are going to do. So with our boosted spirit and study skills optimized, we can pass any test with flying colors. Be prepared to have some wrong answers, sometimes the instructor will try to trick you, in those cases, it’s better to slow down your test-taking pace. Perhaps you overlooked something the first time and on your second review you find you made a few small mistakes, that may be your last chance to correct your answers. We want to feel like we are about to get 100% on it before we turn it in. Try working on some breathing exercises to help calm and relax you. Never be afraid of another test again. Just follow our quick little guide and you should be able to conquer any test. Don’t be afraid to double-check your answers, use as much as the time they allow possible to make sure everything is perfect. 

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