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Uh oh! Looks like you found our blog. We are not hiding this from you, I promise. We want you to see our blog. We want it to be perfect, but we never exactly created a blog before. And by we, I mean that I have not created a blog before. Who am I? I never wanted to reveal my identity or that I was the owner of Nature’s Uprise. I wanted Nature’s Uprise to take on a life of its own independently from myself and my achievements. But for curiosities’ sake, I am Jamal Muwwakkil and friends. Jamal Muwwakkil is the owner and the originator of Nature’s Uprise. He was an honor and AP student and studied Software Engineering and Arizona State University. There are others involved but do not take on a full role within Nature’s Uprise.

Jamal Muwwakkil

Since I will be the main blogger I thought maybe I’d start with an introduction. I grew up on computers, probably my entire generation has. I was learning how to use the internet before it became what it is: essential. Can you imagine? There once was a time before electricity and the internet. Now the internet is practically everywhere that we go. Growing up as a gamer I got a chance to use the internet to meet people from all over the world and learn new skills from them. A lot of the skills that gamers had were a lot of the same skills that hackers, programmers, and computer engineers alike all had in common. Instead of learning how to use the computer from school, most schools in my time thought the internet was just for entertainment. By the time I got into high school, several schools started using the internet for academic research and became the library replacement for information. Fast forward to 2020, now everything is on the internet. Things appear on the internet a lot faster than they do in books. I don’t think universities had this in mind, as a lot of our education and knowledge are starting to come from the internet. Instead of a person having to spend 4 years going to school to learn something, they could do their research online and probably learn it much faster. It would be interesting to see how to universities change themselves to accommodate this wonderful achievement. With the newer generations learning much faster than the previous who knows what things we will accomplish. With the internet, we finally have a way to unify the entire planet and get on the same page. We no longer have to worry about third parties, governments, or social groups spreading false information or destroying ancient text that outlines history. Sure there is false information out there still, but we are all getting the same information and can sort it out by comparing multiple websites. As an AP honors student, along with going to private schools and attending programs like Upward Bound, I spent a lot of time researching and writing academic essays that I cannot be easily fooled by false content. Plus with social media, we have access to some of the world’s most intelligent people at our fingertips. I practically am the internet at this point. If using the internet was a skill I’d have a Master’s Degree in it. I needed to create a website where not only people could purchase my products, but also benefit from my services. I wanted to create not only an online store but an online community where students, aka, nerds like me could gather to express themselves within the science and technology world. Our online community could support itself. If there is something that we want, we can obtain it with internet money. We offer our finding information to the public. We want to be transparent in how we do business and earn money. We will continue to update our funding page as things change over time.

A contribution to us is a contribution to the next generation of life. We are passionate about scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical areas that support and sustain life on Earth. Our mission is to inspire individuals with science and technology while offering affordable options. We like the money of course, but primarily we strive to add support to the economic, educational, and social well-being of families, children, and communities without needlessly harming the environment in the process. We are a business. But we are also individuals. We are not a non-profit organization but offer limited funding and awareness to some with similar objectives. Some or all of the donations and sales for online products generate revenue large enough to not only sustain itself but grow into something bigger. We work together with everyone, especially our members. We offer technologically convenient services (such as tutoring), discounted products, research and counseling services, and limited need-based solutions that could enhance the life of affected communities. We focus on supplementing education as it goes hand in hand with helping alleviate some of the barriers within the education system.

We welcome everyone to Nature’s Uprise the Company and the Blog. The blog is the official voice of the company. If we haven’t told you before we are on the Uprise. We are taking every opportunity that we can to monetize our platform and utilize the funds to create an uplifting and helpful environment where students who are fascinated with science and technology can enjoy interesting content. We are taking over the internet and will help lead the next generation to success. We want to create a very educational atmosphere. Whether you sign up for a tutoring session or purchase a plant from us, we want to teach you something. We want to inspire people to learn more about science and technology for the betterment of our planet. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could live up to 500 years? Why can’t we? We will explore topics such as this and drive a push towards certain discoveries and new technological advances. We students coming together as one to help educate one another.

First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and at least making it down to this paragraph. We optimize our website to work on many platforms and try to keep loading speeds to a minimum. Accessing the website from a cell phone or tablet may look a lot different than on a computer. There are several ways that you can support Nature’s Uprise:

Online Store – We have clothes, plants, books, exclusive merchandise, and aquatic animals. We would like to invite everyone into the fish keeping hobby into our store as a lot of our products support ideas such as aquaponics and ecology. The idea that people can obtain food from their yard or aquarium without having to pay for it. A lot of these ideas are concepts that work great if you live on the islands. If there is something you would like to see in our online store please let us know. Our online store is a catalog of all of the products that we sell online. To purchase the product, you may have to visit Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or Teespring depending on what is being sold. Using these services offers more customer service support and faster delivery.

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