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Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, and technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

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Welcome to Nature’s Uprise, the website and blog of the Green Scientist, and hopefully a Great New Thing for Society. He’s Greener than Captain Planet and Incredible Hulk, and he’s more humble than Santa Claus. The Green Scientist is here for you regardless of how much money you have or experience preference. He answers to many names but probably doesn’t sound good enough, but it’s so much faster to speak than to write. “I still am learning verbal communication, I’m a late start because of social anxiety and I wasn’t able to speak comfortably as a youth for the various reason you’ll have to discover in my stories. But if you can tolerate my tone, attitude, perspective, opinion, and not stop to question credibility, I’d like to invite you to explore Nature’s Uprise, The Discussion. I will eventually perfect it, but the intent was to make the delivery of information faster“. It’s RAW, mostly unedited, might accidentally cuss, but might accidentally laugh because a goof ball, and you are welcome to submit audio or join as a guest to play along. Promote your stuff for free, because he loves to support, it’s Scientific. And you might recognize that voice, talked to many providing “customer service”…. and you can learn his quirky life, and rants rumble.. or watch him rumble with the most powerful entities and shapes a new world for the future generation…

This is a learning environment where effort is more valuable than perfection. Writing is an art form. Most of my communication is non-verbal because I can’t just spit out racing thoughts and say to follow them. There’s no value in something that had no refinement. And when your a boss, like a real boss, but still learning social media because now there’s money involved, and cheat codes, coding that managing Myspace profiles taught me HTMLflashPhotoshop, and social media marketing, but I was too young, had no idea that I would ever need to one day take 10 steps back, I probably made so many fake people famous, out of fear of ruin my reputation, I should have just made myself… but I don’t want my personal life impacted by desperate internet trolls. Because I might accidentally hurt someone, that is why I have many names, and personality types, which was intended to control information amongst social groups, but now they are starting to copy my style, which I like, so now everyone is 3 people in one… the professional one they are when they are at school and when they need a job, the one they are when they are out in the club or living on the edge, the one they are with family, and even more advance, their business persona. So please get to know your favorite version of me and schedule a Sustainably Run Meeting if you want to talk on Zoom…

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We made it our mission to inspire students in science with technology.

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